Don Keller

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of photographing Don Keller.  Don is a local Seattle musician currently playing with the band Cordaviva.  I have always loved photographing other musical artists.  I too used to play in a band several years ago but since picking up the camera I have failed to pick up my guitar since.  Ah well, probably all for the best as I don't really seeing myself having the passion that Don and others out there have for the craft.  Still, musicians will always have a soft spot in my heart.  They will always be heroes to me.  I am however both fortunate and glad to be able to contribute back to the craft with my current abilities.  I know there are way too many musicians out there that have "a friend" that is a "photographer" who is more than willing take their photos for a beer and/or tickets to their next show.  I'm not always sure how some of those photos turn out in the end however.  Just check out the Rock and Roll Confidential's "Hall of Douchbags" here.  But enough of that, back to Don.  Thank you Don for your time and putting your trust in me.  I know that is not always easy and getting your photo taken can be a little nerve racking.  I am please with how these turned out.  It was difficult to choose just a few.  You can check out more of Don and his music at



Trash the Dress? or the Dress "is" Trash?

Several months back I got a message on Facebook from my friend Harmony.  It said something like "He I have this idea to do a shoot with dresses made from trash bags!"  Hmmm... ok.  Now personally I love doing personal projects and I also love pushing boundaries for creativity sake.  However if I was honest with myself in the back of my head I was thinking this could either really be awesome, or it could really suck.  I was hoping for the former but there's always that creeping feeling in the back of your head that maybe this wasn't the best idea after all.  Someone said once "If you don't push yourself to the limit how do you know where the edge is?"  Well I'm happy to say that I don't think I've found the edge yet, at least not on this particular day.  I must say at the end I was losing light and the sun was going quickly, so I had to work fast with only one prime lens and one light.  I must say those became some of my favorite shots of the day.  Thanks again to Harmony for getting a hold of me with her crazy idea and thanks to Seattle Models Guild for providing Rachel Robinson and Sneha Fichtner as well as Nikoma Souza for doing such an amazing job on makeup as always.    

Robert McPherson

Several months back I had the pleasure of photographing Jen Hinkle.  In case you missed that shoot you can check out the blog post here.  During that shoot I had the pleasure of meeting Jen's opera tenor boyfriend Robert McPherson.  He was playing the oh so supportive bf keeping the car running and fetching coffee at 5 something am when it randomly snowed that strange Seattle morning.  Fast forward a few weeks later Robert and I met again and began talking about updating his promo photos.  I must say I love working with musicians.  Robert did what every other artist I've photograph does.  He trusted me completely, period.  That is a great burden and compliment, but one that drives me to push harder and create better and better images.  We ended up going a little over 3 hrs, starting in the studio and then moving to downtown Seattle, I greatly enjoyed the shots I was able to get (as well as the fact that it didn't snow this time around).  Robert brought a lot of his goofy personality to the shoot while also giving that classic opera feel.  Being able to get so many different looks with one subject is always a great satisfaction.  Thanks Robert for reaching out and allowing me the privilege of creating these images.  

Libby Quam

I've known Libby for over a year now.  It was quite sometime before I found out she was a classically trained soprano.  We had been talking for several month about getting some head shots done as she springs forward into her music career.  We'll the time came for Libby to move to Chicago to finish her training in the midwest so it was either now or never.  Thanks Libby for letting me spend some time and take these for you.  Best of luck to you and your future in the performing arts.


Sometimes things don't go as planned.  Actually I think thats most of the time if we're honest.  So much of photography for example is not actually shooting.  Sometimes (or 90% of the time) it ends up being plain old problem solving.  A lot of times you plan and plan and the day of the shoot everything goes south.  Recently I was scouting a location for a shoot and came across an abandoned airplane hangar near Magnuson Park.  Now I know that a lot of them are public property and owned by Seattle Parks but they usually don't want you to go snooping around inside them.  I found one that was wide open the day before this shoot and even double checked with some people that I wouldn't get in trouble if I shot there.  I even wedged one of the side doors slightly open incase when I came back I found it locked.  Well sure enough the next afternoon I got there and everything was locked shut and someone had made sure the side door that I had put a little something in to keep slightly open was gone.  But hey what was I to do?  Pack up and go home?  This life can be incredibly frustrating at times but yet you have to make the picture work anyway.  I ended up using the outside of the building that day in between the random Seattle rain.  Thanks to Adrianna for being patient enough to stick this one through as well.  We ended up having a good time and getting some great shots regardless.