A New Chapter... Blogging

So I started a blog...  Never really thought that would happen.  I've never really been a blogger type.  Especially up hear in Seattle do we really need yet another blog?  Well I don't know if we do or not, but I guess before now I never really had much to say or share.  However with my disease (photography) growing more rampant every day, I have a strong need to share my work with the rest of the world.  Scary as it may be I've decided that this is the year to get out of my shell.  So it's not much, but it's a start.  While most people were sitting at home watching the Oscars tonight, I decided to head down to Nectar in Fremont to check out the band Window View.  I met their lead singer Matt Goodwin a few months back and after a few 90 second previews on iTunes I decided they'd be worth checking out.  I must say I really enjoyed the show and would encourage you to check them out as well.  Here are a few pics from tonight.