Alex Ivy

Regardless of what profession we choose we are always susceptible to falling in a rut.  It's one of the worst feelings ever for anybody, but especially those in the creative profession.  We depend on our creativity for our livelihood and our living.  There can always be that fear of "I'm not good enough" looming in the back of our heads.  This is why I love photographing other creatives.  Photographing people in general always keeps you on your toes because no two people are alike.  Photographing other creatives though can be inspiring (and daunting) and make you want to go the extra mile because you always feel like both of you relate on some level even if you are in different professions.  It is always interesting to hear stories of others in the creative profession especially those that have multiple creative outlets.  Earlier this month I got photograph Alex who is a musician, tattoo artist, and acrobat.  Hearing stories from other creative lives usually inspires me to want to try new things and photograph new types of people. Sometimes the "rut" of a portrait photographer is always photographing the same types of people, (i.e. seniors, businessmen, musicians, etc).  But meeting other types of creatives keeps expanding my bucket list, so to speak, of types of portraits I want to make.  Thanks Alex for your time and best of luck to you on your creative journey.