"How much do you hate having your picture taken?"

So, I'm back in the swing of things after the holidays and excited to see who 2014 brings my way.  My 1st portrait session this year was for another trombonist by the name of Sara Mayo.  Some of you may remember the shoot I did for Jen Hinkle last year?  Well it turns out that Sara and Jen are roommates and Sara is getting tired of handing over iPhone shots for her upcoming gigs.  Near the beginning of our session I asked Sara "On a scale of 1 to 10 how much do you hate having your picture taken?"  Sara replied, "Eleven!"  In a way I kinda loved Sara's response.  Most photographers forget how terrifying and awkward it can be to have a photo taken of yourself because they are always behind the lens.  That's why I encourage some of my fellow photog friends to have a portrait done of them sometime.  It keeps your perspective fresh and helps understand how your client feels which can help you tremendously.  Because the reality is you don't always get to choose your subject but you still have to do your job and get the shot anyway.  This is why I love reading books like Greg Heisler's "50 Portraits."  (Which if you are a portrait photographer and have not read this is a must read my friends)  There is no way you will ever know what's going on inside your subjects head or how they feel about themselves and having their portrait made.  Jeremy Cowart taught us that this past week on his blog regarding his shoot with John Schneider which you should definitely check out here.  That's one reason why I sometimes ask my subjects things like "On a scale of 1 to 10. How much do you hate having your picture taken?"  More often than not the answer leans toward the 10 side.  Either way Sara was still a trooper and it wasn't exactly that warm outside for the 2nd half of our shoot but Sara held her own just fine.  Thanks Sara for trusting me with yourself and your image.  Till next time.