Sometimes things don't go as planned.  Actually I think thats most of the time if we're honest.  So much of photography for example is not actually shooting.  Sometimes (or 90% of the time) it ends up being plain old problem solving.  A lot of times you plan and plan and the day of the shoot everything goes south.  Recently I was scouting a location for a shoot and came across an abandoned airplane hangar near Magnuson Park.  Now I know that a lot of them are public property and owned by Seattle Parks but they usually don't want you to go snooping around inside them.  I found one that was wide open the day before this shoot and even double checked with some people that I wouldn't get in trouble if I shot there.  I even wedged one of the side doors slightly open incase when I came back I found it locked.  Well sure enough the next afternoon I got there and everything was locked shut and someone had made sure the side door that I had put a little something in to keep slightly open was gone.  But hey what was I to do?  Pack up and go home?  This life can be incredibly frustrating at times but yet you have to make the picture work anyway.  I ended up using the outside of the building that day in between the random Seattle rain.  Thanks to Adrianna for being patient enough to stick this one through as well.  We ended up having a good time and getting some great shots regardless.