Jen Hinkle

One of the many things I love about being a photographer is getting to meet new and interesting people.  Especially those that don't have the typical 9 to 5.  I met Jen back in February as she was heading down to the 5th Ave Theatre.  I come to find out Jen is a professional trombone player and was not heading down to see "The Music Man" but had been doing 8 shows a week there for the past several weeks in the orchestra pit as one of their trombone players.  It turns out that Jen has been playing bass trombone for almost 19 years and has yet to reach her third decade.  The next day Jen contacted me about doing a photo shoot to update her website.  When I asked Jen to describe herself and wondered if she had any ideas in mind she responded

I think the conductor of the orchestra tonight put it pretty well in a conversation I had not 10 minutes ago backstage: "Jen, you remind me of when you see a badass motorcyclist tearing up a course and then the helmet is removed and there is a cascade of beautiful long hair"

So with that said we headed out a few weeks later and started just before 6am near Marshall Park at the top of Queen Anne.  Little did I know that on this particular morning as the sun began to come up that the clouds would roll in, the temperature would drop to below 32 degrees and it would start snowing!  Gotta love the Seattle weather.  Jen was a trooper though and cold morning gave a mysterious feel to the shoot.  Thanks again Jen!  And thanks to Nate Burgher for assisting on this shoot as well.  Make sure to check out Jen and her website here.