New Book in Progress

I know a lot of photographers slow down during the fall & winter months.  The weather here in Seattle also tends to get a little crappier and we definitely lose those long Seattle days where the sun now starts to set around 5pm vs 9:05pm.  People drink more coffee and artists can get more depressed.  Sounds like a cliché but definitely can be true to some.  I have become victim to this in the past as well.  This year I decided that instead of hanging up my camera for the winter that I'd work on a new book.  It is definitely still in progress but I hope by the begging of next year to have an entire new body of work to show.  I as press on working more toward the editorial/commercial business I find from many other photographers about the importance of personal projects.  Personal projects for me have always meant a lot.  They are the times I can be most creative, and are often the times I discover new things about my methods, style and working with others.  Rather than just being "me" and "my shoot" I like collaborating with all types of people, models, non-models, Hair & Makeup artists, stylist and the like.  It can sometimes be challenging, disappointing but at the same time most rewarding and produces the most growth in myself as an artist.  


Last week was the 1st in a series of hopefully many this fall/winter.  I had the pleasure of photographing Mariel Vaca.  Some people wonder "How do you find these people?" Well in Mariel's case, Craig's List!  I know some people are always leery of photographers and models on Craig's List and yes it can be like searching for that one good thing at a swap meet or thrift store, but hey this is Seattle, we live off thrift shops here... don't we?  Well some of us do.  Anyway, we had a great session, kept it simple and got some great shots. Thanks to Tonya Carlson Jolly for doing Hair & Makeup at the last minute.  Here are a few of the pics from that shoot.  Cheers!