"Oryx Leucoryx" aka Cathy

So the winter continues to be cold, the light fleeting and I plow away at creating new work.  It's during this time that I totally get why directors and movie producers have casting directors.  Sorting through casting responses is tiring and sometimes greatly disappointing.  For every good find there is often at least 10 crazy ones in the modeling field.  The other thing is sometimes discerning a bad model from a good model with bad photography in and of itself is difficult.  You think you struck gold with one and the shoot ends up going south on you.  Yet the ordinary people often yield me the best results.  "A pretty girl does not a model make" so the saying goes. You often want to find interesting ones.  Ones that have a little extra... well thats the hard part.  A little extra what?  Sometimes you know it when you see it.  And see it I did a few weeks back.  Cathy and I communicated back and forth for a little while on Model Mayhem and email before we finally set a shoot date.  The day of, she did bring a little extra... "wardrobe" shall we say.  It was fun playing a little game of mix and match with her various selection of eclectic wardrobe.  But on top of that Cathy did bring a little extra something to the camera.  I am always use to directing people but I was very happy at times to let Cathy just do her thing.  Which was not always easy on a cold November morning.  The problem I had was to decide when to stop shooting.  Thanks again Cathy and thanks again to Crystal Parker for assisting me on this one as well.