Robert McPherson

Several months back I had the pleasure of photographing Jen Hinkle.  In case you missed that shoot you can check out the blog post here.  During that shoot I had the pleasure of meeting Jen's opera tenor boyfriend Robert McPherson.  He was playing the oh so supportive bf keeping the car running and fetching coffee at 5 something am when it randomly snowed that strange Seattle morning.  Fast forward a few weeks later Robert and I met again and began talking about updating his promo photos.  I must say I love working with musicians.  Robert did what every other artist I've photograph does.  He trusted me completely, period.  That is a great burden and compliment, but one that drives me to push harder and create better and better images.  We ended up going a little over 3 hrs, starting in the studio and then moving to downtown Seattle, I greatly enjoyed the shots I was able to get (as well as the fact that it didn't snow this time around).  Robert brought a lot of his goofy personality to the shoot while also giving that classic opera feel.  Being able to get so many different looks with one subject is always a great satisfaction.  Thanks Robert for reaching out and allowing me the privilege of creating these images.