Trash the Dress? or the Dress "is" Trash?

Several months back I got a message on Facebook from my friend Harmony.  It said something like "He I have this idea to do a shoot with dresses made from trash bags!"  Hmmm... ok.  Now personally I love doing personal projects and I also love pushing boundaries for creativity sake.  However if I was honest with myself in the back of my head I was thinking this could either really be awesome, or it could really suck.  I was hoping for the former but there's always that creeping feeling in the back of your head that maybe this wasn't the best idea after all.  Someone said once "If you don't push yourself to the limit how do you know where the edge is?"  Well I'm happy to say that I don't think I've found the edge yet, at least not on this particular day.  I must say at the end I was losing light and the sun was going quickly, so I had to work fast with only one prime lens and one light.  I must say those became some of my favorite shots of the day.  Thanks again to Harmony for getting a hold of me with her crazy idea and thanks to Seattle Models Guild for providing Rachel Robinson and Sneha Fichtner as well as Nikoma Souza for doing such an amazing job on makeup as always.