What you'll find out about others on an island.

Since moving to Seattle I've only taken the ferry twice.  I've never really had any reason or interest to look on the other side of the Sound until recently.  My friend Ian informed me of an interesting location a few weeks back located on Bainbridge Island.  There is an abandoned building located in Blakely Harbor Park that apparently used to be part of an old lumber mill some years back.  It has since been tagged from floor to ceiling like some place out of New York City.  That's one thing I love about being a photographer, discovering new places & new things about other people.  I discovered a few new things about my friend Meme that day as well.  Like her enormous collection of fashionable attire & shoes.  What I loved about this day was that it was just another day for her pulling clothes out of her closet but when others saw a few of these pics they were surprised to see the "other side of Meme".  "The other side" has actually probably been Meme's primary side for many in her life yet for some an unseen one.  I love that about photography.  I love brining out things in others that have always been there but for many in this world have not been seen.  Below are a few from that unique day.  Till Next time.